Steve Duckett

Steve Duckett

Friday, October 8, 2010

That toner isn't really empty!!

I have a Brother HL-4040CDN Color Laser printer and I think it is a pretty good printer, but one thing that drives me crazy with this and any other laser printer out there is that the machine says that the toner cartridges are empty when they are I'm not talking about 10 or 20 more prints, i am talking about over 800 more prints available in that "empty" cartridge.

My printer showed empty and me being me thought hey lets try to to turn  this "out of toner" message off so i can keep printing...and guess what...I found out how and low and behold 800 more prints came out of that "empty" toner cartridge. Wanna know how?......

For mine all you do is
1) Open the front cover of the printer...(the door you open to change toners)
2) Press and hold the cancel button
3) Press the reprint button while still holding the cancel button
4) Here is the reset menu showing on the LCD screen...go to the appropriate cartridge on the menu and reset it

Now it is probably the same for all  Brother Printers but different for others...Just Google your printer and type in reset toner or something like that...this can save a company a fortune...

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