Steve Duckett

Steve Duckett

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Network Magic

The age of wireless is here and we want  to have wireless internet.  Sometimes this can be daunting for some people.  There is free network software that can take care it for you. 

For the newbys out there a "network" is just more than one computer connected together either wired or wireless...we are talking wireless so we won't get into wired right now.

Ok so you now have a modem from Shaw or Telus and it has wireless network capabilities and you have a laptop that you are trying to get on line (on line just means connected to the internet) but your laptop is asking a bunch of questions you don't understand....the answer...Network can get it at
this is the free version but it does everything other than let you share folders within its' program..which you don't really need because you can do that with any windows operating system anyway, or the backup software on my web page at

When Network Magic opens it will ask the same questions but in laymens terms and if you don't know the doesn't care, it just figures it out for you. Put Network magic on all your computers that are going to be connected to your "Network" and they will recognize each other...this way you can tell it little Tommy in in his room at midnight on line when he is sopposed to be sleeping.... hope this makes it easier for you....

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