Steve Duckett

Steve Duckett

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Skype-what the heck is Skype

OK most of you have heard of Skype, some of you probably use it on your computers to do computer telephone calls with a headphone and mic.  Did you know for about 30.00 per year you can have totally free long distance to anywhere in Canada or the USA for an entire year and you can call your friends normal phones....This is how I have my phone set up...First I bought myself a wireless Skype phone for about 50.00 bucks...It has a docking station with a cordless phone on it and works exactly like a normal cordless phone except it also has a Skype button on it.  Push the button and all your Skype contacts show up on the phone, scroll to whomever you want to call and hit the Skype button and voila you are calling your friends normal phone..not their computer but their phone...The docking station also connects to your local phone line so incoming calls are just like normal...This has saved me a few bucks over the years and it works if the normal phone lines are out so good in emergencies too..and seeing as your Skype acct works on any computer as long as you sign in you can make calls on any computer with a internet connection...again handy if you are at a hotel that charges for local and long distance calls...note if you want to call someone not on your contacts list that is easy too you just have to add +11 to the number and hit the Skype button on the phone...easy as pie

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