Steve Duckett

Steve Duckett

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The death of XP

Well it has been a few months since my last post due to Bitrate becoming VERY VERY busy, but I am going to attempt to keep up this blog way more excuses  haha

Ok so, there is only 800 days left until Microsoft pulls the plug on XP.  When this happens any and all support will be severed by Microsoft.  The awful thing about this is not only will you not be able to get support on your existing computers but they are still selling tablets and netbooks with XP on it. 

They have nailed the coffin shut on a product they still sell. Niiiiice.

So I am making sure I own all service packs and versions of XP so i can continue to service all my clients after D-Day.  I pretty much have it all now but will ensure my "collection" is complete.

So the heck with you Microsoft Bitrate will still take care of its own.......

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